Good Things Come – Instrumental Album

I didn’t approach the music on this project as you would normally approach an album.  It’s more of a collection of beats that have a similar vibe and happen to work very well together, so I figured I’d make some art and release it to the world via internet.  The music is on the smooth tip and features a couple incredibly dope musicians.  Here’s the album credits…

All tracks produced, mixed, and recorded by Cook

All guitars by Joel Van Dijk

Bass by Shiben Bhattacharya on “Better Horizons”, “In The Sky”, “Sugar Time Slumber” and “Windy Days”

Bass by Joe Gonzalez on “Got, Got, to Get It”, “Always Unique”, and “The Other Woman”

Bass by Joel Van Dijk on “Polygapatapus”

Album Cover


~ by cookclassics on December 22, 2007.

One Response to “Good Things Come – Instrumental Album”

  1. #1 of all, I just decided to follow my heroes, Cook & Nieve for real now. And after some research I found your guys myspaces. And after that , I’ve been reading both of your bloggs, and found about this Vlog! I already putted it as my startpage when I boot up internet. This is my first comment of many, I am a dedicated fan of you, and someday I wanna try to be mixing your style with mine in music production because you just inspire me so freakin much!

    Ontopic >

    I must say This instrumental collection is worth GOLD! Pure gold, never gets tired of it! A classic in my iTunes playlist! Just a quick question, what time period is these album within?


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